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There can be no peace at the Horror Fields, for it is a time of war and it is a time of NIGHTMARES!

For decades beyond measure, Ichabod Nyx has ruled this field. It is his home, his place of safety, where he is the unquestioned king...or he was!

For now there is a new challenger to his throne...the Pumpkin King Samhein has invaded!

He strives to destroy Nyx, to take his power, to control his servants, to eradicate him from this plane of existence!

His corrupt vines spread disease and destruction thoughout the fields, choking the power and strength out of Nyx and his followers.

Samheins mere presence in the Horror Fields has brought forth the creatures of NIGHTMARES to do battle on our soil.

This forces Nyx into a new position, instead of destroyer, he is forced to become the savior.

He fights for his lands, he fights for his followers, he fights for his kingdom!

Samhein and Ichabod Nyx call forth their nightmare armies to do battle, and we invite you to pick a side and view the war for the soul of Horror Fields!

Who stands at the end of the NIGHTMARE WAR???

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